Preschool closed until April 15th.

Adult Day Training (ADT) closed until further notice.

Adult Day Training (ADT)

Ann Storck Center’s Adult Day Training program operates six hours a day, Monday through Friday, 240 days per year.  We serve individuals age 22 and older who have mild to severe, multiple, developmental disabilities.

Our skilled staff work with our individuals in a group ratio of 1:3, providing training in motor skills, vocational skills, sensory stimulation, recreation, and Life skills.

Assistance with personal care needs such as nutritional, behavioral, and nursing are provided. In addition, individuals have the opportunity to participate in Music & Art Therapy and community outings.

Individuals enjoy community partner programming days. Pictured above, Lennie enjoys a little magic!

Individuals enjoy community partner programming days. Pictured above, Mohammad enjoys a visit from Personal Ponies

A sensory room is a room specially designed to develop an individual's sense, usually through special lighting, music, and objects. It can be used as therapy for children and adults with limited communication skills. The ADT uses sensory assistive technology to create stimulating experiences for our individuals. The program aids in goal achievements outlined in Individualized Plans (IP). Ann Storck Center’s vision is to provide an environment in which the individuals will thrive through increased mental and physical stimulation.

Sensory Programming


Vocational Training

Vocational training at Ann Storck Center involves focusing on life skills to assist the individuals served to be able to build independence. These are skills that will allow the individuals to better communicate their needs and desires.  Our micro-enterprise store located in the ADT provides a wonderful learning environment where individuals can learn skills such as pricing inventory, selling a product, and running a cash register. Individuals can experience the pride in seeing their merchandise purchased.


Music and Art Therapy

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence based use of music intervention to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationshiop by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved Music Therapy Program. To learn more about Music Therapy at Ann Storck Center, please CLICK HERE.


Our Arts Therapy offers individuals the opportunity to explore self-expression and choice. Program participants are free to express themselves through art proving creativity goes beyond boundaries. To learn more about ASC's award winning artwork collections, please CLICK HERE




There are a variety of activities that can help adults with developmental disabilities to socialize, express their feelings and stay healthier. Recreational activities that provide fun and opportunities for additional socialization and therapeutic benefit are a part of our ADT program.


Individuals enrolled in our ADT are provided activities each week both in the ADT and out in the community.  Activities include outings to the mall, movies, shopping, lunch and parks as well as in-house activities such as fun Fridays, parties, movies, board games, carnival days, and other activities.




Nutritious Meals

Each day, our trained staff creates a delicious, nutritious hot lunch for our individuals.  These meals meet the most current nutrient requirements to assure optimal nutritional health and well-being. In addition, a nutritious snack and beverage is also provided. 
We are able to modify meal, as according to prescribed special diets and diet textures such as puree, ground, finely chopped, and chopped, all without compromising quality and taste.
Ann Storck Center's Nutrition Services is managed by Registered and Licensed Dietitians to assure quality and adherence to state and federal guidelines for Food Service. Our cooks are certified in Food Safety and Sanitation. Ann Storck Center's kitchen prides itself on achieving 100% scores on all quarterly Broward County Health Department Inspections. To learn more about Ann Storck Center's Nutrition Services, please 

Transportation Services

Great News!  ADT partnered with Broward County TOPS to provide transportation services eligible participants who attend the program. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to participate in this new program, ASC’s Agency Coordinated Transportation program (ACT).

The goal of the ACT program is to provide a better experience for the individuals we serve by providing safe, reliable and timely transportation services through the agency itself. This program is staffed with professional drivers, trained to work with Ann Storck Center’s ADT participants, with safe driving records, complete background checks, and the highest professional standards. The ACT program will be taking the place of Broward County TOPs, strictly for transportation service to and from the Adult Day Training program.  Similar to your present service, transportation  will be provided Monday to Friday, on the days when the ADT is operating. This service will not affect the participant’s eligibility or ability to schedule trips through Broward County TOPS for any transportation service. If you are interested in participating, please call the administration office at (954) 584-8000 Ext: 376, or email to request more information. 

For more information about Ann Storck Center's Adult Day Training program or to schedule a tour, please contact us and we would be happy to introduce you to the Ann Storck family!

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