Ann Storck Center Private School

Ann Storck Center (ASC) Private School provides educational and therapeutic services for children grades K-2 with special educational needs. This private school environment offers quality services through ASC's unique network of programs, such as on-campus therapy through Hi-Ability Therapy Services, specialized nutrition services, and on-demand nursing staff.  We are proud to participate in the National School Lunch Program (NLSP) administered by the USDA. All meals are free to enrolled students. 

The ASC Private School Approach

At Ann Storck Center, all programs, services and schools work towards a mission of helping their participants discover their abilities and build their independence. At ASC Private School, this mission is taken to heart. Students at ASC Private School have the advantage of an environment where their potential is recognized and individually nurtured.


Our teachers use research-based, hands-on instructional strategies through a thematically organized curriculum designed to meet your child's individual needs through:


  • Language and Communication

  • Mathematics

  • Art and Sensory Exploration

  • Adaptive Skill Building

Each child is individually assessed by a multidisciplinary team to receive educational goals specific to the child’s unique educational and developmental needs. Parent collaboration is encouraged throughout the entirety of the child’s education program development. Following assessment, each child is placed in the appropriate classroom environment, equipped with low student-to-teacher ratios to ensure exceptional individualized attention. Parents have the option to incorporate necessary therapies into their child’s educational plan, including Speech and Language, Occupational and Physical as well as ABA Therapy.

Integrated Programs & Services

Nursing Services

School nurses are on-site and available for individual healthcare needs, such as g-tube feeding and respiratory treatments.

After School Enrichment

The Maximizing Out of School Time (MOST) program Is literacy based, providing enrichment through art, STEM, social emotional development and cultural arts.

Hot Lunches & Snacks

The individualized nutrition program caters to your child's unique mealtime needs, such as gluten/casein-free, vegetarian, and modified textures. Sponsored by the USDA via the National School Lunch Program.

On-Campus Therapy

Hi-Ability Therapy Services offers therapy integrated into the classroom setting. Services are also available during after-school hours and breaks through private insurance, ensuring therapeutic continuity for your child.


Tuition plans are individualized for each student, ensuring families can meet the costs associated with attending ​ASC Private School. Additional funding options are available through the McKay or Gardiner Scholarships. These scholarships provide funding for eligible students to attend an approved public or private school of their choice.

Any one of the  following qualifications are required for all Kindergarten program teachers:


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in any subject area.

  • Three or more years of Kindergarten teaching

  • Special skills, knowledge or expertise that qualifies the employee to provide Kindergarten instruction. Documentation should include certifications, professional development or curriculum training. 

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