Meet Evan and Elijah

Thanks to Ann Storck Center and his therapies, my son is walking... 

-Evan and Elijah's Dad

My children's stories are inspiring...of course they are also stories of survival. Elijah has Cerebral Palsy and asthma. He was born three months early and weighing only two pounds. He was abandoned at the hospital where he spent three months in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), overcame 22 diagnoses, and was released to a foster home. Evan spent nine weeks in the NICU detoxing from methadone and cocaine. He was also abandoned at the hospital, has several health issues, and is developmentally delayed. They now are adopted brothers and have a forever family that loves them. 


Everywhere they go, Evan and Elijah inspire. They motivated a nurse and a volunteer to become foster parents and a social worker to see hope again. I can't count the number of times I have seen tears in people's eyes after meeting my sons, but they always walk away feeling inspired, grateful and contemplative of their own life. Elijah wants to walk and do things "by himself" and Evan is the happiest kid on the block. They continue to be an example of what is possible and what inspiration looks like, thanks to the care and assistance they receive at Ann Storck Center.

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