Expressive Arts

ASC's Expressive Arts program is enjoyed by Ann Storck Center residents, participants of ADT, and children enrolled in the preschool. It is comprised of music therapy and art therapy.


Through art, music, drama, dance, creative writing and musical performance, ASC's individuals are allowed to experience the arts from all angles and express themselves without boundaries.


ASC's Expressive Arts program offers the following benefits:

  • develops independence

  • enhances communications skills, therefore building self confidence and creativity

  • improves motor skills

  • therapists use creative ways to teach and enhance educational, physical, and social skills

  • enhances academic skills and increased attention span

Music Therapy Program


Music therapy provides a motivating and engaging setting to achieve individual goals. The main objective is to promote communication, stimulate cognitive and physical development, and create a more productive social atmosphere, separating artistic ability from their disabilities. The use of melody, rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics and lyrics help develop expressive language, receptive language and other skills.

In the Music Therapy program, each individual participates in 25 minute sessions. Individual sessions address goals and objectives through music-based therapeutic interventions.  Goals and objectives may include, but are not limited to: improving motor skills, increasing social interaction, improving and increasing communication skills, improving social behavior, increasing emotional expression, providing sensory stimulation, improving and increasing academic skills, increase attention span, and providing appropriate leisure-time activities.    Music functions as an attractive mediating object for people to engage in social interaction with one another.  It provides a point of mutual interaction between an individual and a peer, family member, therapist, etc.  Through group and individual music-making experiences, people practice responding to each other, taking turns, listening, sharing ideas, greeting others and sharing equipment.  Structured music activities such as instrument playing, singing and mirroring movements provide motivating opportunities for individuals to practice working as a group and experience success through social interaction.

Art Therapy Program


The Fine Art Program was founded in 1994. Individuals in the program have the opportunity to participate in sensory art activities using therapeutic art techniques that facilitate creative expression.


The instruction takes place in the classroom and during one-on-one sessions working with various types of art media such as painting and  three dimensional objects, such as clay. The program is designed to provide an alternative avenue of expression for each individual and to promote improvement in  fine and gross motor skills. 


The Arts program also fosters greater mainstream community inclusion, allowing participants to  further develop communication and social skills which often leads to enhanced self-esteem and self-worth.  


Artists have the opportunity to participate in community exhibits and to display their own artwork. Exhibitions featuring original artwork created by the participants have been shown annually at Nova Southeastern University at the Disability Expo, ArtServe and other local community events and galleries. Artwork generated from the program has been submitted in juried art exhibitions across the nation and has been displayed in respected venues including John McEnroe Gallery in New York and California State University.  Displaying these pieces in public exhibitions educates the community on the abilities of persons with intellectual disabilities while providing recognition and validation to the program’s artists for their creative efforts and most importantly for their ability.   Art activities include exposure to different types of artwork as well as community outings to broaden the artistic experience.

Mindy S., is a participant in the program who is best known for her depictions of Chefs. You can expect to see a new chef unveiled at every Celebrity Chefs and Tasting Signature Event!

Original artwork created by individuals who participate in the program are picture here. Above is Hummingbirds by Chris B. Pictured left is, Tree of Plenty by Linda C. 

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