Meet Gabi

Gabi was born with a rare heart condition that affected her speech and development. After enduring four surgeries and suffering a stroke, she experienced numerous challenges that delayed her development. The multiple intubations caused her to lose her ability to swallow, leaving her completely dependent on a feeding tube. Because of the stroke, she had difficulty speaking and with decreased function of the left side of her body.


Gabi's mom, Odalys, was a single parent, recently divorced and now sole caretaker, breadwinner and chauffeur, driving Gabi to all of her various therapies. She took three months off from her job at a law firm to juggle it all, but re-entered the workforce for health insurance benefits and to earn enough to cover the cost of Gabi's care. She was looking into early intervention programs in Broward County that would be close to her new job and heard about Ann Storck Center. It turned out to be a game-changer. 


What Ann Storck Center does for families is to provide a complete continuum of care and a loving environment in one location, allowing parents to keep their jobs and thus remain financially independent. 


"From the minute I walked in, I knew Ann Storck was the right place for Gabi. She could have her occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy all in the same place, meaning less time off from work to drive to various appointments. While I was at work, I could rest assured that Gabi was in good hands and progressing in ways that would help her down the road," said Odalys.





"In spite of her many difficulties, she was given an opportunity to succeed thanks to the loving angels at Ann Storck Center's Preschool!"

- Odalys (Gabi's Mom)

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