innovation league

Highly motivated, action-oriented do-gooders who share diverse talents and access to drive sustainability as we strategically navigate new horizons and uncharted waters.

The dynamic, synergistic, and inspired members of this group embody innovation, motivation, participation, collaboration, elevation, and activation. Our innovators do extraordinary things to ​advance our mission, attract philanthropy and drive integrated, multi-dimensional support.

They divest unique talent, interest, ability, and strengths to help us build brand recognition

and sustain the Center for generations to come. 

Craig Eppy

Howard Fabien

Jaime Gruber

Nikki Hanna

Bray LaDow



Luke Moorman

kristen palanza

Lois Pevin-Weiss

Carlos Rivera

Don Silver


 What the Center stands for,, who it protects and serves, and what you all do daily is amazing.

We’re glad to be a part of it any way we can.

 Luke Moorman | Georgia Pig BBQ