Mobility Management Facilitation Program (MMFP)

Ann Storck Center's MMFP, titled Mobility Connection, is a grant-funded project under the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) that is focused on enhancing coordinated transportation systems for individuals who are transportation disadvantaged within Broward and Palm Beach Counties.


The Mobility Connection team aims to improve mobility for the transportation disadvantaged by increasing their access to healthcare, employment, education, and life-sustaining activities. 

Mobility Connection Team Goals

Improve Mobility

Increase Access to Transportation

Expand Capacity

Support the Community Transportation Coordinators
and Transit Agencies in their Missions

Agency Training

Mobility  Manager Karen Flowers offers "Train- the-Trainer" series provides instruction for human services agencies, their staff personnel to train participants on using public transportation. This course provides skills and information based on the Easter Seals Project Action training material. The training is a half-day course in group setting environment.

Schedule a "Train-the Trainer" training session for your agency with Karen Flowers at or by phone (954) 584-8000 ext. 367

A Ride Away

MMFP encompasses a secondary program called A Ride Away.  

The A Ride Away program helps individuals with disabilities and the transportation disadvantaged population on their journey to independence through transportation. The program educates individuals with disabilities about different transportation services within their county while promoting safety when traveling.

Travel Experience Training

A Ride Away Travel Experience Training teaches individuals how to travel independently on all modes of transportation to enhance mobility in your community.

Individuals who want to learn more about transportation options in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Ann Storck Center has you covered! Danielle McGill, your "Advocate," is working with individuals to provide travel experience training from a peer's perspective. To get started, contact Danielle McGill at (954)-584-8000 ext 324 or email at

A Ride Away Guide

A Ride Away Guide: Advocates Guide to Going Places is a new peer-to-peer resource to educate transportation disadvantaged individuals about different transportation options in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Danielle shares her experiences when traveling throughout South Florida while she teaches others how they could do the same. In this Guide, individuals will become their own self-advocates, learn about all transportation options, their rights, and safety when traveling.

 Available for Purchase 

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