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train-the-trainer series

Our Transportation Connection instructional series is a grant funded project under the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and is designed to offer transportation related resource tools and support systems for individuals who are transportation disadvantaged within Broward County.


With the goal to promote inclusive communities, the program enables coordination among key stakeholders including community transportation coordinators and other transportation providers.


The series empowers human services agencies and their staff to train participants on accessing and using public transportation. Providing skills and information based on the Easter Seals Project Action training material. Training is a half-day course in a group setting environment.

The Mobility Connection team aims to improve mobility for the transportation disadvantaged by increasing their access to healthcare, employment, education, and life-sustaining activities.

mobility connection team goals 


Improve Mobility


Increase Access to Transportation


Expand Capacity


Support Community Transportation Coordinators
and Transit Agencies

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thank you for taking time to provide our students with a wonderful and informative presentation! We look forward to our continued

partnership with the Ann Storck Center. 

 Arc Broward

stay mobility connected!

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Mobility Connection

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