2015 Program Evaluation

Agency (Over-All)

  • Short Term Objectives (STOs) achieved. This Program Evaluation Year 4026 short term objectives were met across all Residential programs (ICF/IID and Group Home) and the Adult Day Training (ADT) program. These objectives represent skill achievement in areas including daily living and self-care, behavior management, money management, academics and speech.

  • Staff Proficiency scoring averaged at 97% for the Program Evaluation year. In addition, Ann Storck Center staff scored a 100% average in Mealtime and Physical Management Proficiency.

  • There were 1007 total community outings/integration activities offered to Ann Storck Center residential services and Adult Day Training program residents/participants. Out of the total 1007 community outings, 677 of these occurred in groups (of residents) of 2 or less.

  • Consumer driven interests/activities/decisions and matters of choice scored 98% .This exemplifies the commitment the Ann Storck Center has to its motto/slogan, ‘Discovering Abilities – Building Independence’. By fostering the individuality and unique qualities of those that it serves, Ann Storck Center staff encourages and nourishes the growth and abilities of each of its residents/participants in a very personal and individual way.

  • Consumer Satisfaction across program settings averaged 100% and indicates the high level of satisfaction felt by the guardians, family members and community program partners.

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