Residential Services

Ann Storck Center operates two Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID), one located on the main campus in fort Lauderdale and one in Pembroke Pines. Each ICF/IID has three family-style homes. ASC also has four beautifully decorated neighborhood group homes, "Oakwood," "Melrose," "75th," and the most well-recognized "Gizmo House," a smart-home previously featured on CNN.

Intermediate Care Facilities

Each ICF is supported by an around the clock team of residential staff, nurses and therapists that provide specialized dietary and nursing care, as well as speech, physical and occupational therapy. In addition, residential staff provides individualized services to each resident to promote independence, as well as provide support for all daily living skills. 

Med Waiver Group Homes

ASC operates four group homes for children and adults with intellectual disabilities located in Plantation and Fort Lauderdale. Each of these residences is home to six individuals. Placement in these homes is based on similar disabilities of the residents. Highly skilled staff is matched with the needs of each home. Residents are encouraged to participate in neighborhood and community activities to promote community inclusion. Nursing support, nutritional services, and therapeutic services, including behavior services, are provided for each home. 

Nursing Services

Nursing services are administered by an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). Delivery of nursing services is monitored by a Registered Nurse on site and is available 24 hours a day for consultation. Nursing services include participation by a Registered Nurse in the pre-admission evaluation, planning and placement of an individual who would benefit from our services. A Registered Nurse Educator is on staff full time to provide education to licensed staff and all direct care providers who render care to our individuals. Nursing services include , but are not limited to providing physician with assessments on ill individuals, participating in clinics held on site; primary care , neurology, vision, and

gynecology; administration of all medications with reporting of  adverse reactions to the physician. Administration of all gastronomy feedings with replacement of feeding tubes at least every 3 months. For the respiratory involved individuals: aerosol respiratory treatments, suctioning, oxygen therapy, BIPAP and CPAP therapy provided as ordered by the individual’s physician. A monthly summary is provided to document progress on each individual’s healthcare goals, physician visits and any illnesses during the month with response to treatment.

ASC also provides nursing care to individuals residing in the Group Homes. The nurse’s role is to assure annual physician evaluations, consultation follow-up, monthly health reporting, health assessments as needed with the physician. All Group Home staff receive extensive training and in-servicing in medication administration, first aid and emergency care. The Registered Nurse Educator is also available to provide information and assistance with individual health concerns.

Licensed nursing services are also provided under the direction of a Registered Nurse to individuals who attend ASC day programs (Adult Day Training & Preschool).  The nurse participates in the admission process for individuals who would benefit from the above programs. The nurse is responsible for medication administration, gastronomy tube feedings, respiratory care, first aid and emergency care, while assuring all services are provided with the proper authorization.


Additional nursing services may also be provided to meet individual health needs based on facility policies.

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