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Teacher Assistant

The Teacher Assistant is responsible for assisting the ESE Teacher in providing appropriate assistance to children; participating in snack time, clean-up, and daily upkeep of classrooms; implementing feeding programs and toilet training programs; and ensuring the delivery of quality programs and services for people served.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Follows ESE Teacher’s directions in the classroom

  • Works daily with assigned activity groups on individual IEP goals and objectives.

  • Provides appropriate assistance to children.

  • Implement feeding programs and demonstrate proper techniques.

  • Implement toileting training programs and change children as needed.

  • Assists children daily in tooth brushing, hand washing, and dressing skills.

  • Supervises children properly during playground and free play activities.

  • Participates in lunchtime, clean-up, laundry responsibilities, and classroom upkeep daily.

  • Follows proper health and safety rules for toileting and changing children.


Education and Work Requirements:

  • High school diploma/GED

  • DCF 45-hour childcare certificate (within 1 year of hire).

  • Must be able to effectively communicate in English (read, write, and speak) with employees, peers, supervisors, program participants, and external stakeholders

  • Effective problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking skills.

  • Must have an understanding of diverse families and their needs and ways to support them; must demonstrate a reliable, punctual, and stable working style and be able to work productively with

  • Must pass a Level II background check, a pre-employment physical and a drug screen and PPD


Salary: starting at $15.00/hr.

Location: Fort Lauderdale

ESE teacher

The ESE Teacher is responsible for the implementation of high-quality, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate instruction and child care to meet the individual needs of young children and their families.


Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Completes a developmental assessment for each student within six weeks of enrollment and annually thereafter.

  • Develops an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each student annually.

  • Participates in the initial IEP staffing and each annual review.

  • Works with students both individually and in small groups on individual program goals.

  • Implements physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs within the classroom.

  • Writes daily lesson plans.

  • Completes quarterly progress reports for each student and sends copies to the family.

  • Communicates regularly with parents/guardians and records on Parent/Agency contact form.

  • Assists and trains assistant teachers in implementing programs.

  • Carries out toilet training programs.

  • Assists children in tooth brushing, hand washing, and dressing skills.

  • Completes annual reviews and quarterly incentives for teacher assistants and submits to Preschool Director for review/approval.


Education and Work Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in education from an accredited college or university with a valid Florida Professional teaching certificate in Pre-K Primary

  • One (1) year of teaching experience.

  • Previous supervisory experience.

  • Must be able to read, write, and speak effectively in English.

  • Ability to handle multiple priorities.

  • Must be able to maintain professional and cooperative relationships with parents, colleagues, and other professionals.

  • Excellent administrative, clerical, and organizational skills.

  • Effective problem-solving, reasoning, and critical thinking skills.

  • Must pass a Level II background check, a pre-employment physical, drug screen, and PPD.


Working Conditions: Primary duties are in an office/preschool environment with moderate noise levels (year-round school).

Salary: $51,000.00 per year

Location: Fort Lauderdale

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