A Preschool That Feels Like Home

Like any good parent, Bojana Lambrou wants the best for her children. When her daughter, Laura, was born with Down syndrome, finding the best care and resources meant something different.

“When Laura was born, it was a learning process,” said Bojana. “We wanted to discover the best ways for her to learn and develop.”

The Lambrou family was living in New York City when Laura was born, and Bojana was relieved to live in a place expected to have the best of everything. But when she searched for childcare aimed at special-needs infants, her search came up short.

“Ann Storck Center was a huge factor in deciding to move to Fort Lauderdale,” she explained. “I found no other daycare that would take Laura at such a young age and provide all the specialized care that Ann Storck Center provides.”

Laura has been attending Ann Storck Center’s Early Intervention Preschool since she was 3-months old. Now four years later, Laura’s pediatrician can’t believe how quickly her skills have developed.

“According to our pediatrician, Laura’s become the new benchmark in his practice for what children with Down syndrome can achieve,” said Bojana. She said she owes Laura’s progress to the care and attention that ASC’s staff give to the children.

The therapy services Laura receives during the school day isn’t limited to the therapy sessions. The therapists collaborate closely with the teachers to keep a child’s plan of care in mind during all activities, whether an art project, eating lunch, or during free-play. But the specially trained staff and in-school therapy isn’t what Bojana raves about most.

“From the moment I walked into Ann Storck Center, it felt like home. Every person here cares – the entire staff. At times it seemed too good to be true, but it is this great. It’s an amazing place.”

If you would like more information about Ann Storck Center’s Early Intervention Preschool, call (954)584-8000 or email preschool@annstorckcenter.org.

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