Hi-Ability Therapy: A "Spooky" Sensory Experience for Preschoolers

Children at Ann Storck Center’s Early Intervention Preschool received “spooky therapy” on Halloween from the Hi-Ability therapists. At first glance, it looked like a well-decorated classroom with some activities, but upon closer examination, this was hard-working therapy disguised as Halloween fun! All children worked on the same goals from their 1:1 therapy, but they practiced waiting their turn and focusing among distractions in a group setting.

Sensory bins offered a variety of textures and experiences that came in handy with all therapies. The occupational therapist, Jaclyn, encouraged children to exercise focus and find items in the bins. She had children reach and grasp at green, sparkly goo to work their muscles. Even children with tactile sensitivities had a number of fun sensory experiences to try, whether with a sensory bag or with the dry pasta and creepy crawlers.

Speech-language pathologists, Jessica and Melissa, encouraged children to use their words to describe their surroundings and the sensations. Did things feel slimy and wet, or dry and fluffy? Some children worked on eye-gazing with fun objects like ping-pong ball eyes and plastic spiders.

In another corner, physical therapist, Manda, created a sensory walk. Big bubble wrap lined the floor with plastic creepy-crawlers underneath. Children worked on their balance as they walked across the bubble wrap, which led to steps covered in spider webs and a tunnel with colorful glowsticks. The tunnel gave children additional sensory input through their muscles and joints.

The therapy team is always looking for ways to expose their patients to new experiences through fun and creativity. We hope you’ll continue exercising these skills at home with your children in fun ways! Hope it was a Happy Halloween!

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