Hi-Ability Therapy Services: A Special Place of Discovery

Nestled between Ann Storck Center’s Early Intervention Preschool and Adult Day Training (ADT) program is Hi-Ability Therapy Services, an outpatient therapy clinic that serves individuals at Ann Storck Center and patients from around South Florida. The waiting room is within earshot of the therapy rooms where all you hear is singing, laughing and cheers of encouragement. If you ask me, therapy sounds like so much fun!

And if you ask the therapists, they’ll tell you the same. Many children love the one-on-one attention with fun toys and buckets of praise, and the therapists love watching children discover their independence.

Magical Moments in Therapy

“The firsts are what keep me excited and in love with the process of therapy,” said Jessica Corcos, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). “Seeing a child reach those first accomplishments is magical!”

Manda Brittsan, Physical Therapist (PT), explains that physical therapy allows children to access new parts of their world. “When I see a child take a step that gets them to a new part of the playground for the first time, it’s incredible.”

Those first words, first bites of food or first steps are very rewarding, and the unpredictability keeps the therapists on their toes.

“Progress may be inconsistent or slow,” said Jennifer Slootsky, SLP, “but I’m always excited because I never know what the next session will bring.”

Hi-Ability Therapy serves children with a range of abilities and diagnoses, and many patients receive multiple therapies. The therapists regularly consult one another to collaborate on patient goals and seek advice outside their specialties. These therapists are a true team, supporting one another through challenges and communicating new developments in a patient’s progress.

Happily Accepting Challenges

The therapists explain that tackling challenges are an especially rewarding aspect of their work.

“I love using my creativity to solve a problem,” explains Jessica Corcos, SLP, “It requires thinking outside the box to tailor therapy to an individual’s needs.”

Brittsan, PT, says the really challenging problems – like creating or changing a seating system for a child – are the things she enjoys the most.

Every child comes with different personalities and difficulties, but the therapists are more than equipped to take anything on. The multidisciplinary approach at Hi-Ability Therapy doesn’t just include the team of therapists.

“This therapy office is unique in that it’s incredibly child and family centric,” explains Jaclyn Roero, Occupation Therapist (OT). “We collaborate closely with family members so therapy isn’t limited to the sessions with us. We’re all a team.”

A Special Place of Support

Having a child with a developmental delay or disability can be a stressful, lonely experience. The team at Hi-Ability Therapy wants the families they serve to feel fully supported.

“I truly feel like this population requires special attention,” said Melissa Corcos, SLP. “I want to build a safe place for these families to feel like they have the support they need to help their child reach their maximum potential.”

Interested in learning more about Hi-Ability Therapy Services? Call (855) 442-2454

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