Meet Linda On Her Day-in-the-Life at ADT

Meet Linda, a long-time resident of one of Ann Storck Center’s (ASC) four group homes and participant of ASC’s Adult Day Training (ADT) program. Linda arrived at ASC when she was 18-years-old, and now at 54, she’s still an enthusiastic attendee at ADT.

Linda loves listening to music on her tablet and perusing fashion magazines. Above all, her favorite activity is working at the Micro-Enterprise Store, a shop run by ADT attendees that sells snacks and drinks to ASC employees and visitors. As she explains, she loves making money!

You’re invited to follow Linda through a typical day at Ann Storck Center’s one-of-a-kind Adult Day Training program.

9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Linda uses Broward County TOPS! transportation to get from her group home in Plantation to ADT in Fort Lauderdale. Her van pulls up around 9 a.m., and she directs her electric wheelchair into ADT. Looking up, you can see the ceiling tiles are painted vibrant designs and the walls are covered with student artwork. This space clearly belongs to the people it serves. Linda enters one of the four classrooms, and her day begins.

All ADT individuals work towards goals or “objectives” that are set collaboratively by the individual, ADT staff, and a parent or guardian. Linda is currently working on objectives she set for herself, mostly related to her job at the store. With the help of flashcards, she identifies names and flavors of potato chips along with prices of each.

While individuals in ADT are encouraged to work towards their objectives every day, they ultimately decide how they’d like to spend their time. Aside from working on her objectives, she chooses to listen to gospel music on her tablet and flip through Elle Magazine.

10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Around 80 individuals are enrolled in Ann Storck Center’s ADT program with one staff person to every three individuals. ADT offers music therapy, art therapy, and employment in the Micro-Enterprise Store to every capable individual, so there’s no lack of opportunities for fulfilling, challenging experiences.

All morning, Linda kept her eyes on the store, anxiously waiting her turn to man the register, restock the shelves and help customers. It is by far her favorite activity, “something to look forward to,” she explains. If she could spend all day in the store, she would. She uses her earnings to buy clothes, jewelry and gifts for her friends.

After her shift at the store, she decides to get creative in art therapy. In preparation for the upcoming Annual Performance put on by ADT participants, she brainstorms set ideas with the art therapist, Taoran. The show’s diner theme leads Linda to suggest a cityscape.

In the past, Linda has created collages and drawings, and she’s taken photographs. Taoran focuses on the act of creativity and the production of artwork as a therapeutic experience. The final product is merely icing on the cake.

12pm to 2:30pm

After Linda’s session with Taoran, it’s time for lunch. Every individual in ADT that requires special accommodations for meals, whether it’s utensils, dietary restrictions, or even food consistency, gets exactly what they need to feed themselves as independently as they’re able.

After lunch Linda spends some time with music therapist BriAnne. One of Linda’s objectives is to read music lyrics and sing along. Today, she requests Luther Vandross’s Dance With My Father. BriAnne helps Linda position the microphone in her hand, and she uses a karaoke app on her tablet for Linda to follow along. BriAnne lets Linda lead her sessions by requesting instruments and songs she’s interested in playing.

The ADT program focuses entirely on the interests and personal goals of the individuals. They use an atmosphere of acceptance and gentle encouragement to push each individual to discover new abilities and have new experiences.

Linda finishes her day at ADT by watching a movie, Black Panther, with her peers. Then at 2:30 p.m., her Broward County TOPS! ride arrives to pick her up. Just another satisfying day at Ann Storck Center’s Adult Day Training program.

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