To Our Little Storckers and Graduating Class of 2020

In a world where things are a little uncertain, one thing will never change. From the first day you walked through our preschool doors, we believed in YOU! You have been our biggest teachers in the short time we’ve had the privilege of watching you grow. We’ve held your tiny hands through wobbly first steps. Every time you fell down, we watched you get up and try again.

You’ve taught us how to never give up and to keep going with great big smiles on our faces. We’ve witnessed the magic of a comforting touch between friends, especially when times are tough and emotions are high. You’ve taught us to be cheerleaders for each other, on good days just as much as the hard days. Your teachers, therapists and all who have seen your sweet faces are proud of you, today and beyond.

We celebrate you and how much you’ve grown. We hope you’ll come back to visit us so we can continue to celebrate all that you do! Graduation may look a little different this year and during this time. There’s nothing more we want than to sing our favorite Baby Shark song and to share your culminating moment as you move on to Kindergarten. We will cherish the memories and milestones for years to come. You will always have a place with your Ann Storck family. Never forget how much we believe in you!

With love,

Jessica Rincon, Preschool Director

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