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Applied Behavior Analysis 

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of learning and behavior. It centers around several principles that describe how behavior is learned and how it can be changed. These methods are the basis for the treatment strategies and they allow behavior analysts to target socially important behaviors for change.

ABA therapists focus on teaching desirable behaviors, like language and communication, social and play skills, and self-care skills; and reducing unwanted behaviors, like aggressive and destructive behavior, self-injurious behaviors, running away, and picky eating. 


The Surgeon General, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Academies of Science consider ABA to be an “evidence-based best practice” treatment for individuals with autism.

our approach

Our clinical team works with all of our daily program participants including residents, students, Adult Day Training attendees. We also have outpatient services available. 


We deliver ongoing Behavior Training to all Ann Storck Center employees and offer consultative services to state agencies and professional organizations for the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior. We also provide a team of Behavior Technicians have an unparalleled enthusiasm for working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. They provide both direct support to the individuals needing services as well as assist with training of Ann Storck Center employees in the behavioral treatments. The technicians are supervised directly by a member of our clinical team and receive ongoing and extensive training in the principles of ABA.


To learn more about Applied Behavior Analysis at Ann Storck Center or make an appointment, call us at (855) 442-2454.

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