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I am absolutely crushed we never met, but I feel as if I know you... thanks to Cara and Doug and your adoring friends and colleagues. This effort has been fueled every step of the way by your shining example, lasting good will and undying love. I am, we are, ever grateful. Hope we make you very proud.

-Dorian Lange

Empowerment through advocacy, education, resources and connection!


The Arlene Lakin Advocacy Fund is a legacy program established to carry forward the inspired work of Arlene Lakin who devoted her life to serving those who could not serve themselves, advocating for improved services and benefits for the disabled and their families.

Arlene's indelible impact on the developmental disability landscape is profound and the Fund is a fitting, enduring recognition of a tireless, selfless do-gooder.

Arlene's youngest son Douglas has been a permanent resident of the Ann Storck Center since 1991.

The Center seeks to sustain the fund as a thoughtful reflection and show of gratitude. Our commitment is to an ongoing, innovative and accessible educational and informational platform to assist the entire developmental disability community- professionals, community agencies and partners, children and families- to better understand, access, navigate and manage the sometimes difficult and seemingly isolated pathways to resources and supports. We foster the no man is an island approach, no one need stand alone.

Consider it an ALL HEART HUG and safety net.

Thank you for your generosity in memory of Arlene, in support of Doug and our mission.






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