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on demand Nursing 

Nursing services are administered by an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). Delivery of nursing services is monitored by a Registered Nurse on site and is available 24 hours a day for consultation. Nursing services include participation by a Registered Nurse in the pre-admission evaluation, planning and placement of an individual. A full-time Registered Nurse Educator provides education to licensed staff and all direct support professionals. Nursing services include providing physician with assessments, participating in on site clinics,  primary care, neurology, vision, gynecology; administration of all medications with reporting of adverse reactions; administration of all gastronomy feedings with replacement of feeding tubes at least every 3 months. For respiratory involved individuals: aerosol respiratory treatments, suctioning, oxygen therapy, BIPAP and CPAP therapy. Healthcare Progress Reports are documented monthly outlining healthcare goals, physician visits, illnesses and response to treatment.

Nursing Care is also provided to individuals residing in the Group Homes. Services include ensuring annual physician evaluations, consultation follow-up, monthly health reporting, and needed health assessments. All Group Home staff receive extensive training and in-servicing in medication administration, first aid and emergency care. The Registered Nurse Educator is also available to provide information and assistance with individual health concerns.

Licensed nursing services are also provided under the direction of a Registered Nurse to individuals who attend our daily programs (Adult Day Training and School).  The nurse participates in the admission process and is responsible for medication administration, gastronomy tube feedings, respiratory care, first aid and emergency care, while assuring all services are provided with the proper authorization.


Additional nursing services may also be provided to meet individual health needs based on facility policies.

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