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Nutrition Services

The Nutrition team is managed by a Registered and Licensed Dietitian to ensure quality adherence to state and federal guidelines. Our cooks are certified in Food Safety and Sanitation. Our kitchen prides itself on achieving 100% scores on all quarterly Broward County Health Department Inspections.


Serving three (3) meals daily for both ICFs that meet the most current requirements to ensure optimal nutritional health and well-being. Nutritious meals, snacks and beverages are also provided to participants of our daily programs. We individualize meals according to prescribed dietary and preparation needs such as puree, ground, chopped, and finely chopped.


The Nutrition team participates in Support Team meetings as an integral part of an individual’s total care. This multi-disciplinary approach is vital when planning, preparing, and presenting all aspects of nutrition to the individuals served. Monthly, quarterly, and annual Nutrition Assessments are provided. Each individual is closely monitored through review of records and observation at mealtime to recommend dietary changes for a variety of physical and medical conditions.


The team works closely with the other disciplines to attempt diet texture progressions and transition from feeding by tube to enjoying meals orally. They provide education and counseling to our individuals, their families, and caregivers to ensure the highest quality of dietary care.

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Hot meals, a diverse menu, and friendly staff make lunch one of the most popular times at Ann Storck Center.

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