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Our Corporate Partners are just that, true partners. Altruistic and socially conscious do-gooders, innovators, trailblazers and changemakers! They share and respect our values, leverage good will, spark community engagement, heighten visibility, and increase awareness… for us and them! WIN-WIN. They help us keep an eye toward adaptability and growth through improving, securing and expanding the Center for the next generation of beneficiaries. And they challenge others to step up and do the same. Experience shows that corporate social responsibility and philanthropy programs improve consumer confidence, leading to an increase in revenue and simply result in happier, healthier communities.

Join us in our collective goal to deliver the most advanced solutions to stem off social isolation, enhance community engagement and promote healthier outcomes for Broward’s most vulnerable population.


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We are here to make it meaningful for you… more of this, less of that.


thank you to our annual corporate partners


.We are extremely proud of the wonderful relationship we have cultivated over the years and commit to doing what we can to help move the Center forward another 70 years.

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